Event Schedule

 Friday Activity    Location 
 4:00 PM  Site Opens to Populace  
 4:00 PM Baronial Monster Hunt Begins  
 7:00 PM Traveler's Meal Available  Feast Hall 
 8:30 PM  Capture the Flag  Flagpole 
 12:00 AM Gate and Reservations Close  
 7:00 AM Gate and Reservations Open  
 7:00 AM Youth Shadowing Begins  
 8:00 AM Breakfast Available  Feast Hall 
 9:00 AM Newcomer's Class  Feast Hall 
 9:00 AM Heavy Weapons Armor Inspection  Lyst Field 
 9:00 AM Archery Range Opens  Archery Range 
 9:30 AM Morning Court for Officer Exchange  Lyst Field 
 10:00 AM Heavy Weapons "Operation" Lyst  Lyst Field 
 10:00 AM Thrown Weapons Range Opens  Thrown Weapons Range 
 12:00 PM Fundraiser Lunch Available  Feast Hall 
 1:00 PM Field Day Games  Flagpole 
 1:00 PM Field Available for Pickups  Lyst Field 
 2:00 PM Gate and Reservations Close   
 2:30 PM Junior Huntsman Shoot  Archery Range 
 3:00 PM Baronial Huntsman Shoot  Archery Range 
 3:00 PM Milk and Cookies with Baroness Milesenda (Adults Welcome)  Feast Hall 
 3:00 PM Chess with Baron James Highgate Feast Hall 
 3:00 PM Thrown Weapons Range Closes  Thrown Weapons Range 
 4:00 PM Archery Range Closes  Archery Range 
 5:00 PM Court Business  Baronial Cabin 
 6:00 PM Baronial and Royal Court  Feast Hall 
 7:00 PM Hall Set-Up for Feast  Feast Hall 
 7:30 PM Feast  Feast Hall 
 9:00 PM Baronial Slumber Party!  Feast Hall 
 11:00 AM Site Closes