Event Schedule

2:30 PMSite open to staff

4:00 PMSite opens to populace

5:00 PMRegistration opensThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
8:00 PMMidnight Meat StartsGrill-side
9:30 PMReception to celebrate the union of Lord Cu Meda (Manny) and Stephy of DarkwaterThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
11:00 PMRegistration ClosesThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern


8:00 AMRegistration OpensThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
8:00 AMBreakfast
The Drunken Dolphin Tavern
9:00 AMArchery Range OpensArchery Range
9:30 AMHeavy Armour InspectionLyst Field
9:30 AMDicing Tables (Open Throughout Fighting)Lyst Side
10:00 AMHeavy Fighting Dice TournamentLyst Field
10:00 AMCrossbow Class (4 Hrs)Mayday Market, Stall 1
10:30 AMRapier Armour InspectionLyst Side
11:00 AMRapier TournamentLyst Field
12:00 - 1:00pmPicnic LunchMayday Market
1:00 - 4:00pmBardic CircleMayday MarketYouth Friendly
1:00 - 4:00pmShow and Swap BarteringMayday MarketYouth Friendly
1:00 PMPeriod GamesMayday Market, Games StationYouth Friendly
1:00 PMSlavic-Rus Garb and Accessories ClassMayday Market, Stall 2Youth Friendly
1:00 AMShort Mead Class (2-4 hrs)Grill-side
1:00 PMCold Cream ClassCa' d'Azzurro Salon
2:00 PMRegistration ClosesThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
2:00 PMJunior Huntsman ShootArchery RangeYouth Only
2:00 PMPlaying House in the Modern Middle AgesCa' d'Azzurro SalonYouth Friendly
2:00 PMLeather Working- Belts & Tokens (2.5 Hrs)Mayday Market, Stall 3Tokens Youth Friendly
2:00 PMShibori Dying (2 Hrs)Mayday Market, Stall 2Ages 12+
3:00 PMBaronial Huntsman ShootArchery Range
3:00 PMThread-Woven Buttons ClassCa' d'Azzurro Salon
3:00 PMCandle MakingMayday Market, Stall 4Youth Friendly
4:00 PMLearn to Play RithmomachyCa' d'Azzurro Salon
4:30 PMMaypoleMayday MarketYouth Friendly
4:30 PMCourt BusinessThe Fencing Feret Inn
5:00 PMCourtThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
6:30 PMFeast and May Day CelebrationThe Drunken Dolphin Tavern
After Feast
May Day Celebration Continues
The Drunken Dolphin Tavern


11:00 AMSite Closes