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"Operation" Tournament

Attention, heavy weapons fighters!!

The theme of Gathering of the Kids is for the adults to have some childhood fun,
and our heavy tournament is no exception!
With this "Operation"-themed lyst, you'll get the opportunity to dismantle your opponents.

The Lyst
Format: Bear pit (45 minutes)
Armor Inspection: 9 AM
Tournament Start: 10 AM

The Rules
Upon entering the pit, each fighter will receive a card with one of six body parts:
Head, Body, Left Arm, Right Arm, Left Leg, or Right Leg
This is the target they are trying to hit on their opponent

Fighters leave the pit if:
They achieve their assigned part
(That card becomes part of their stash and they receive a new card when entering the pit again)
They are killed by their opponent before anyone gets their part
(They keep their assigned card to try again the next time they enter the pit)

Fighters stay in the pit if:
They kill their opponent before anyone gets their part
Their opponent gets their part first

The fighter at the end of 45 minutes with the most body parts will be named champion!