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Monster Hunt

Creatures of all types -- from fire-breathing dragons to electrified mice -- have been seen in the barony!
These monsters have been running wild, causing no end of mischief and mayhem.

Fortunately, our wise and crafty Baroness Milesenda has used her mystical art powers
to shrink these creatures and capture them in tiny prisons of glass
(turning them into Pocket Monsters, if you will).

Unfortunately, she lost them.

These tiny glass Pocket Monsters have escaped into our campsite,
and it is up to you to find them!

The monsters are hidden all over Camp Kiwanis.
Baroness Milesenda tagged them all before they went missing so the monsters can be identified.
However, due to the potent nature of the magic spell,
once you have found one monster, you will be unable to pick up another.

Once you have found a monster, bring the tag to Registration 
so we can cross it off the list of monsters still missing.
The champion monster catcher will receive a blessing from the Baroness herself!

Let's find these creatures! Gotta catch 'em all!


A number of glass Pokemon have been hidden throughout the campsite
If you find one, it is yours to keep
Bring the attached card to Registration and turn it in
A random winner will be drawn from the cards turned in, and the winner will receive a prize
For the sake of fairness, once you have found a bead, please leave the rest for others to discover