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Ca' d'Azzurro Salon

We are excited to invite you to the premiere of The Ca’ d’Azzurro Salon at Gathering of Clans!

The Ca’ d’Azzurro Salon is an area at events in the Kingdom of Trimaris where artisans and scholars can gather to socialize, teach, and learn about post 11th-century arts & sciences.

It is inspired by Duke Cariadoc's Enchanted Ground Concept and the Ca' d'Oro Salon at Gulf Wars, and is based on the historical salon concept of salons in the Renaissance, specifically the 15th-century Italian Salon where artists, poets, musicians, philosophers, nobility, and courtiers would have gathered to pass the time away from the scrutiny of church or state.

We emulate those “unsupervised intellectuals” at our living history Salon in an attempt to achieve a playful immersion into medieval living.
Join us under the dayshade for spirited conversations, games of chance, learning, and refreshments!
For a day leave the modern world behind, bring your arts, your science, learned noble men and women, and revel in song and music and poetry!

Planned activities:
             Learn to play Rithmomachy with HL Gareth of Dalyngrigge
             Tread-Woven Buttons with Mistress Mayken vdA
             Cold Cream with Lady Gwlados

There will be board games available for your entertainment , and a small selection of refreshments for your well-being.