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Darkwater Field Day

Traditionally, part of the merriment of Gathering of the Clans are the games.
While the standard version is the Highland Games, complete with caber, frying pans, and sheep,
we have had many incarnations over the years.

This year, since the kids have taken over the event, 
we've decided to go retro and break out the best of school-age athletics with


The games will be held in the afternoon,
run by Lady Brienne Malcolm and Lord Inukami Ieyasu.
Prizes will be given to the winner of each contest.
Outdoor shenanigans include: 

Jump Rope Contest
How many hops can you get when it's someone else holding the ropes?
(Don't worry, we won't make you do Double Dutch)

Spoon Race
Get through the course as fast as you can, all while balancing a perilous potato on a shiny spoon.
Points will be docked for every time that potato hits the ground!

Hula-Hoop Contest
Put your shimmy where your shake is and keep that hoop going as long as you can!

Three-Legged Race
Team up with a partner, lash your legs together, and hobble your way to the finish line!

Musical Chairs
When the music stops, nobody knows, but if you don't get your seat fast enough, you lose!