Food and Feast

Friday Evening- Midnight Meat!
Come join us at the grill! Charcoal and some meats will be provided, but please bring some more to share!

Saturday  Picnic Lunch-
Provided by Their Excellencies for all Attendees
What delights does Baron Herman have in store?

Includes Breakfast Saturday Morning

Heathen Cakes

(a mix of meats and fruit with eggs.)

We will have gluten free and vegan varieties

Fresh in season fruit

Saturday Evening- May Day Feast

1st course

Herb roasted olives and grilled asparagus

Soft cheese

Crusty bread

2nd course

Stuffed Cabbage

(pork stuffed in cabbage leaves and baked with spices)

Gluten free

3rd course

Chicken in garlic cream sauce

Mashed turnips

Gluten free

4th course

Apple Kuchen


Macerated fruit for toppings or dipping

Not purchasing feast? Come celebrate with us anyway! We will have extra tables and invite you to bring your meal and sit with us!