Daytrip $20, member discount $5
One night  $25, member discount $5
Two nights $30, member discount $5

Feast $10
Saturday Lunch is provided for all by the Baron and Baroness Darkwater

 Cabin fee is $5 per person for each cabin reservation (whether one night or two)

EPay is Live!

Site opens at 4:00pm Friday, and Closes at 11:00am Sunday
Registration open from 5:00pm Friday to 2:00pm Saturday

No family will be charged more than three adult fees.
It is Barony of Darkwater policy that Children 17 and under are free (this applies to site fees only).
Make checks payable to "SCA - Barony of Darkwater" and include driver's license number, length of stay, cabin or tent, feast if desired, and copy of SCA membership if applicable.

* Minors not accompanied by parent or legal guardian must have notarized permission form/event waiver or you will be turned away at the gate.