Youth Staff Shadowing

At the Gathering of the Kids, we want to give the youth of Darkwater and Trimaris
the chance to learn how an event is run and see what goes into making our Dream happen. 

Kids can sign up for the areas they would like to learn ahead of the event;
this makes it easier for the staff to know how many students they will be working with and when.
Signing up early is preferred but not mandatory. 

If your child doesn't wish to participate in the shadowing, that's fine, too!
We will still have plenty of fun activities to do throughout the event.
The goal is to provide the shadowing opportunity to those children who wish to learn.

Below, you will find a list of available shadowing areas, and a description of what the kids will learn there.
Links provided will lead to the sign-up sheets.
The kids are encouraged to sign up for as many different areas and times as they desire.
Some areas will have more slots available than others, due to the nature of the activity performed.
All areas are broken down into one-hour increments.
Please contact the event steward or the staff member in charge of the area with any questions. 

Archery Range
Staff Member: Honorable Lord Bennett Redstone
Responsibilities: Calling shots, range safety, score-keeping

Event Steward
Staff Member: Lady Ciaran O'Muireagain 
MKA: JP Holcomb;
Responsibilities: Site check-ups, overseeing other staff members, learning to build schedules, other as needed

Feast Service
Staff Member: Lord Ephrem Orbeli
MKA: Jacob McGrew;
Responsibilities: Carrying food and drink to tables, making sure populace is taken care of

Staff Member: Cu Meda O'Siodhacain
MKA: Manny Hernandez; 
Responsibilities: Assisting members with NCR forms, organization, coordination between gate and reservations

Kitchen Crew
Staff Members: Lady Abigail Lillian D'Arcy and Lady Moire Gray
MKA: Bethany Shaffer ( and Sarah Canatsey (
Responsibilities: Learning kitchen safety, kitchen basics (chopping, cooking techniques, measurements), plating, menu planning

Staff Member: Lady Hextilda Marshall
MKA: Kimberly Calvin;
Responsibilities: Money counting, filling paperwork, computer work, handling NCR forms, distributing tokens and information

Staff Member: Lady Adelina de Bretigny
MKA: Brittany Hoffman;
Responsibilities: Assisting the Baron and Baroness with whatever they need

Site Heraldry
Staff Member: Lord Ephrem Orbeli
MKA: Jacob McGrew;
Responsibilities: Making announcements, learning voice projection and heraldry etiquette