Gathering at the Tavern

Hosted by the Seminole County SCA Group & Darkwater
Cancelled for 2020 - See You Next Year!!

Stop in at the Bloody Bells Tavern and rest your feet!  Come socialize with other travelers.  Grab a bite to eat and sample our meads and wines.  Play some games and try your luck.  If you are a bard, please perform for us.  Interested in opening your very own tavern, then take a class and learn how to make your own beverages.  Looking to unload some of your wares, then trade with others for more useful items.  But watch out, a band of children have been known to “steal” from unsuspecting customers.

Bardic Competition
Words will be posted beginning at 8pm on Friday.  Each competitor will use 10 of the 12 words plus the bonus heraldic term to create a story, song, or poem.  Filks are allowed.  Competition ends at 2pm Saturday.

Mead making, Beer making,Cordials, Cheese making, Pickling, Bardic or performance, and more

Bardic Performances
Come practice your bardic skills or just perform because you want to entertain.  The stage is yours!

Trader’s Corner
Do you have too much extra SCA stuff that you really don’t need?  Want to trade for something you can use?  Bring your items and trade with fellow traders.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  What treasures will you find?

Tavern Brawl – Heavy and Light Weapons
Challenge your opponent or throw down the gauntlet, but please, take your fight outside!

Archery – Baron’s Huntsman

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